Garden Walls

Many landscapes have garden walls built at strategic locations. They are built to provide support to the landscape and sloping areas and prevent soil erosion. They allow you to use sloping land to create beautiful looking gardens. Constructing garden walls that will be functional and increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your property is never a matter of chance.

It takes skill, experience, training and the right resources to plan garden walls that will be functional and sustainable. Hiring companies like Fontaine Landscaping for all your stacked stone garden wall design and installation needs is the one way to ensure you get the kind of solutions you need. They serve customers in and around Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, and Apex, as well as Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina. The different services they provide and materials they use include:

Stacked Stone

The use of stacked stone is very popular when it comes to building garden walls. They are strong enough to provide support and create natural looking garden beds that will really make a statement. Stacked stone is available in many different colors and tones of natural stone. We can install the stacked stone in an array of patterns so that you can create a real focal point for your property. You can have these walls built in any section of the landscape and the design and style can be customized to suit your requirement.

Concrete Blocks

Garden walls are built to help prevent soil erosion and mudslides. They are specially-engineered for this purpose and are extremely resilient and durable. Landscaping companies use concrete blocks in the construction of these walls. If you find the color of the concrete to be too dull, you can get stone or brick veneer installed on the surfaces. It’s important to choose concrete masonry units of the best quality as these will add to the resilience of the wall structure.

Building a Garden Wall

Garden wall construction is a specialized job and something you should entrust only to experienced and professional landscapers. They will assess the layout of the landscape and identify where the garden walls should be built. Since there are a number of different materials that can be used to build these walls including stacked stone; you will be provided detailed information about them and what their pros and cons are.

Garden Wall Design

Garden walls are considered to be functional features that are specifically built to provide support to the landscape. But skilled landscapers will also make sure that these features are designed well. They can also include planter spaces and inbuilt seating in the walls to enhance their functionality. These dual function structures can be built along the periphery of patios and decks or terraced areas of the landscape too.

When you choose to hire a company like Fontaine Landscaping for your new garden wall project, you can rest assured that the best materials and craftsmanship will be used. This helps ensure that the outdoor spaces on your property are resilient and durable.