Looking for Experienced Landscape Design Near Raleigh, NC

Planning Makes Perfect

At Fontaine Landscaping, we understand the dual purpose of your home: it is one of your most valuable assets and it is a refuge and place to relax and enjoy living. We are here to help you maximize your investment while creating an outdoor living space that you will enjoy and use to its best potential.

When the task requires vision and experience, Fontaine Landscaping, Inc. has the planning and construction expertise needed to prepare solutions for your home’s architecture and setting. We offer a premier design service complete with to-scale 2D birds eye plans as well as optional 3D video modeling for a completely realistic reveal.

Fontaine offers seamless one-stop shopping – from design to installation to the on-going grounds maintenance. Our professional staff guides clients step-by-step through design, scheduling and implementation of all projects from start to finish. Because our design service is tailored and planned to suit your unique taste and site requirements, your project will fit your living style, timeline, and budget.